Jerry Jones on Seattle-Green Bay ending: Didn't see it

Controversy can apparently travel as slow as a billionaire NFL owner wants.

The furor over the league’s replacement referees reached a fevered pitch on the final play of the Monday night game, when a blown call gave the Seattle Seahawks a game-winning touchdown on what should have been a Green Bay Packers interception. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has consistently taken a hard-line stance against the locked-out officials, claimed to know nothing about it Tuesday morning.

“I didn’t see that ending last night,” Jones said on KRLD-FM. “I cut it off about halftime.”

Jones said he hadn’t received any phone calls about the controversy: “I just read a little note in the paper that the Seahawks pulled it out,” he said, quickly switching the subject the praise Seattle’s team.

Asked if he got a sense of the fans’ anger about replacement referees that he’d consistently been supportive of, Jones mentioned that “very much working to get this resolved and will continue to work to get this resolved” with the locked-out officials. He then awkwardly transitioned to pumping up the parity of the league, pointing out that there were only three undefeated teams after three weeks.

Pressed further on the matter, Jones made his best sales pitch.

“We can have all kinds of what-ifs,” Jones said. “We’ve played three games and we’ve got 16 to play. It’s exciting. It gives us a lot to talk about on our shows that we have.

“But fundamentally, when I look at where the league is over the first three ballgames, it’s great. Lot of competition.”

Lot of controversy, too, whether or not Jones and the other owners are willing to see it.