Brandon Carr ready for dogfight with Anquan Boldin

IRVING, Texas – At 6-0, 210 pounds, Brandon Carr is considered a big cornerback. At 6-1, 220 pounds, Baltimore’s Anquan Boldin is not necessarily considered a big wide receiver, but he plays the game big.

As the Cowboys prepare for Sunday’s game against the Ravens, they will have to figure out a way to keep Boldin from making big plays. While Torrey Smith is Baltimore’s big-play wide receiver, Boldin is its most consistent with 23 catches for 331 yards and a touchdown.

It’s not just that Boldin makes plays, but also how he makes plays.

“I mean that guy, he’s pretty strong,” Carr said. “You see it on film just his demeanor. He’s a nasty receiver, doesn’t mind mixing it up with the DB, beginning of the route, top of the route, once he gets the ball, he’s a physical run after the catch receiver. Whoever is on him will just have buckle down and be prepared to fight a real dogfight with a real dog, D-A-W-G. I respect the guy but it’s going to be a battle. That’s what we want to see, a good competition. So just studying him on film you have to buckle down for the whole 60 minutes. You can never go to sleep on a guy like him.”