Predictable? Ray Lewis goes P.C. on Jason Garrett

IRVING, Texas -- Ray Lewis and Ed Reed teed off on Jason Garrett after the last time the Ravens faced the Cowboys, ripping Garrett for running a predictable offense following Baltimore’s win that turned out the lights on Texas Stadium.

Almost four years later, the Cowboys will bring the 30th-ranked scoring offense to Baltimore to face the Ravens.

Maybe Lewis will talk some trash about Garrett, who turned down an offer to become Baltimore’s head coach in 2008, after the game. But the future Hall of Fame linebacker tossed some verbal bouquets Garrett’s way during a conference call with Valley Ranch media Wednesday.

“Everything has changed on kind of what Garrett is trying to do,” Lewis said when asked if the Cowboys’ offense still looks predictable. “He’s really trying to add a lot of playmakers to his offense, which he did. They’re up and down. They’re up and down. I’m not saying nothing that they’re not going through themselves.

“If they keep the ball and they do what they’re supposed to do, they can be one of the most explosive offenses. I just think they have playmakers all over the field. We just have to be aware where each one of them is.”

Lewis was adamant that he has no hard feelings about Garrett turning down the opportunity to coach the Ravens to return to the Cowboys as an offensive coordinator.

Heck, Lewis claimed he never had any issue with Garrett.

“That’s definitely water up under the bridge,” Lewis said. “I don’t know how it can ever be personal. It’s one thing to be here in Baltimore and then have a choice to leave or stay here and not come back here. But to not even be here and part of our organization, to be a part of the Cowboys and to have that option open to go back to the Cowboys, hey, it’s a business. It’s a business.”

That might be true, but Garrett’s decision was also motivational fodder for the Ravens before that critical game in December 2008.

Rex Ryan, then Baltimore’s defensive coordinator, delivered a passionate pregame speech about how Garrett didn’t want to coach the Ravens. As Ryan wrote in his book, his told Lewis and the rest of the Ravens’ defense that Garrett “didn’t believe in the character of the Baltimore Ravens.”

Ray, does that jog your memory at all?

“Oh, oh, oh,” Lewis said with a loud laugh. “Y’all bringing up old stuff.”