How Joe Flacco's future affects Tony Romo's

IRVING, Texas – Even though Joe Flacco and Tony Romo play the same position, there aren’t too many similarities between the quarterbacks.

Flacco is 6-foot-6. Romo is 6-foot-2. Flacco was a first-round pick. Romo was an undrafted free agent. Romo has been to three Pro Bowls. Flacco hasn’t been to one. Romo is more apt to make plays out of the pocket. Flacco is more the traditional quarterback. Flacco has never had more than 25 touchdown passes in a season. Romo has four seasons with more than 25 touchdown passes.

You get the idea.

But the Cowboys and Ravens quarterbacks, who play against each other for the second time Sunday and for the first time in Baltimore, will have a similarity in contract negotiations.

Flacco is a free agent after this season. Romo is signed through 2013, but the team would like to sign him to an extension.

How do you figure out the prices for these guys?

Flacco is statistically on pace for his best season, but before this season the Ravens have appeared to keep him in the “game manager” mode. But he wins. He is 48-21 as a starter and has won five postseason games. He’s also only 27.

Statistically Romo blows Flacco out of the water in yards and touchdowns. He has also had to carry the offense at times. He is 49-32 as a starter but has only one playoff win. And he’s 32.

For Romo the numbers should come in between Houston’s Matt Schaub ($30 million guaranteed) and New Orleans Drew Brees ($60 million). Given the team success, doesn’t Flacco belong in there, too?

Since Flacco’s deal expires first, you can be sure the Romo camp will be watching how those numbers work out.