Stock Report: Felix Jones up; Jason Garrett down

BALTIMORE -- As the Cowboys return from a terrible 31-29 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, we review in our weekly Stock Report who played well and who didn't.

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Felix Jones. We've bashed Mr. Jones every week it seems, but Sunday afternoon he was outstanding. He rushed 18 times for 92 yards and one touchdown. He didn't get any kick returns, but that's OK because when DeMarco Murray went down with a sprained foot, it was Jones who carried the running game.

Offensive line. For about two weeks, this unit was hit hard by the fans and media for its poor play. Yes, there were some penalties, Doug Free and Tyron Smith, but overall it paved the way for 227 rushing yards, the most allowed by the Baltimore Ravens in their history and quarterback Tony Romo wasn't under as much duress as he'd been in previous games.

Dez Bryant. It's easy to put Bryant down for the dropped two-point conversion pass, but he did catch 13 passes for 95 yards and picked up his first two scores of the season. Bryant continues to be a force in the passing game, but it's the little things, like the drop, that keep him from being elite.


Jason Garrett. If he wants people to believe he's the man for the job he can't make mistakes the way he did Sunday with clock management. Or clock mismanagement if you will. Garrett should have ran one more play in the closing seconds of regulation but didn't and it raises more questions about whether he can help this team.

Special teams. The difference in the game in the second half at least was the 108-yard kick return for a touchdown by Jacoby Jones. The Ravens held the ball just four times in the second half, and Jones' touchdown gave the Ravens a 24-13 lead in the third quarter. Dan Bailey's 51-yard miss also comes to mind, though it was in the wind, but still it was within his range. He made a 51-yarder last year.

Brandon Carr. Carr was beat on a long pass play to Anquan Boldin when he slipped down after providing a strong jam at the line of scrimmage. But Carr hasn't played well the last two weeks. He's a good cover corner, but it seems Carr is giving up too many plays. Carr is a confident player, so that's not the problem.