Against Giants, Tony Romo good on the move

IRVING, Texas -- In the season-opening win at the New York Giants, Tony Romo was at his improvisational best.

His first touchdown to Kevin Ogletree came on a broken play. The second touchdown to Ogletree came as he snuck out of the pocket. His clinching scoring throw to Miles Austin came on an audible at the line of scrimmage.

Romo’s ability to escape a pass rush as effective as the New York Giants’ is a big part as to why he has 13 touchdowns and two interceptions in his last five games against the division rival. According to ESPN Stats and Information, six of Romo’s nine touchdowns against the Giants the last two seasons have come outside the pocket.

Since the start of last season, no quarterback has more than four total touchdowns against the Giants.

With an unsettling offensive line, Romo has had to get rid of the ball more quickly and has not attempted to buy as much time because of mistakes in the games against Tampa Bay and Chicago. Facing Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora, Romo knows he might need to buy more time than a kid at an arcade.

“I think you’re always doing exactly what you want, what the defense is giving you and the amount of time you have as a quarterback dictates a lot,” Romo said. “If you have to get through reads quicker or if you have the time you can push it into certain spots and wait on certain routes and things like that, that’s part of playing the position, evaluating when you’re getting that time and when you’re not and having the comfort level to be able to make all those decisions the right way.”