Stock Report: Jay Ratliff rises; Tony Romo is down

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Cowboys failed to complete the biggest comeback in franchise history on Sunday when they fell to the New York Giants, 29-24, on Sunday.

With that we have our weekly Stock Report of who's playing well and who isn't.

StreakingSTOCK UP

Jason Witten. An unreal performance by the Cowboys tight end. He finished with 18 catches for 167 yards and had zero touchdowns. But Witten was the man who was able to jump start the offense and get the Cowboys in short down-and-distance situations. Tony Romo needed Witten badly on Sunday and his best friend delivered.

Rob Ryan. Almost every week, the Cowboys defensive coordinator is missing something. He doesn't have Sean Lee this week. Now he lost Lee's replacement, Dan Connor, so Orie Lemon takes over. His defense is backed up against the wall thanks to the turnover-happy offense. Sunday the Cowboys defense gave up just six points to the Giants after turnovers by the offense. It's the defense that kept the Cowboys in the game Sunday, that's clear.

Jay Ratliff. The nose tackle had his best game of the season, a game the Cowboys needed, with five total tackles, one tackle for loss and a quarterback hit. Throughout the game you saw Ratliff become that team leader by pumping up guys, especially Romo, after mistakes or successes.


Tony Romo. OK, some of these interceptions aren't his fault, it would be nice if some of these receivers would fight for the ball or run strong routes, we get it. But Romo was picked off four times on Sunday, continues a disturbing trend of overthrowing or missing open receivers. He threw a career-high 62 times on Sunday and lost. Way to many passes.

Run game. The Cowboys ran the ball 17 times for a season-low 19 times on Sunday. You can say Jason Garrett should have run the ball more, but the Giants' defense was stacked to stop the run. Garrett saw this and asked his quarterback to throw at least 60 times in a NFL game. It's not ideal, but the Cowboys gave up on the run too soon after taking a 24-23 lead.

Dez Bryant. He was fantastic and frustrating all at the same time. He catches five balls for a career-high 110 yards but finishes with no touchdowns. He gets benched for turning the ball over on a punt, his route running continues to be inconsistent. He makes a great catch in the end zone, but his fingers land out of bounds. A long frustrating, fun-filled day.