Rob Ryan believes Cowboys D will be special

IRVING, Texas – Last week the Cowboys held the New York Giants to 293 yards, including just 192 passing yards from Eli Manning. Victor Cruz was a non-factor with two catches. They allowed the Giants to convert just 3-of-15 third-down tries.

On Sunday the Cowboys get another challenge in Atlanta, with Matt Ryan at quarterback, Roddy White and Julio Jones at receiver, Tony Gonzalez at tight end and Michael Turner at running back.

“Obviously, they’re two of the best receivers in football,” defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said. “They’re both really competitive and really fast and real productive. So every week it seems we play somebody great. This week is no exception. They’ve also got Tony Gonzalez, who has been a great tight end forever. Still is. And Burner Turner the back. They are loaded. Ryan, Matt no-relation Ryan is the quarterback. He’s pretty damn good. So we’re ready for them. Who are we kidding? We’re ready. We can’t wait to play these guys.”

Ryan isn’t sure the Cowboys’ defense is getting enough credit despite its No. 4 ranking in the league.

“You know me, I like credit,” Ryan said. “Our guys they deserve a ton of credit. Our players work their butts off. Our coaching staff, I’m fortunate and blessed to be around the best coaches. This is the best staff I’ve ever been on and it’s not close. So good things are going to happen to those that work hard. If we just keep working, we’re going to get better. Despite losing, we’ve lost some really good players, but our guys keep going. We’ve got a whole team in there, not just a few individuals. This is really coming together and I know we’re going to be special. I think we’re going to be special this week. I really do. I think we’re just starting to get that way and I believe we’re going to have a special game this week.”