Sunday means a lot to Terence Newman

IRVING, Texas – On a conference call with Dallas media on Wednesday, former Cowboys cornerback and current Bengals cornerback Terence Newman said Sunday’s game was no big deal for him personally.

“Pretty much as every other game,” Newman said. “They come every Sunday.”

According to Cincinnati president Mike Brown, Newman might have been fibbing just a little.

“He’s done well for us,” Brown said. “We like him. He’s played extremely well and we’re glad to have him. I said to him, ‘This is a big one for you,’ and he said, ‘It’s like you’re Cleveland game.’ That’s his way of telling me it’s a big game.”

There is a long-time ill-will between Brown and Cleveland for how Brown’s father, Hall of Fame coach Paul Brown, was fired by Art Modell. If there are two games the Bengals need to win every year, it’s against the Browns.

Newman spent nine years with the Cowboys and went to the Pro Bowl twice. He was released on March 13 and his only disappointment is that he did not get to meet with Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

“I mean a person can be bitter all they want, but it’s not going to change anything,” Newman said. “I mean, I’m happy, playing pretty well, winning football games, so that’s my No. 1 focus. There’s no reason for me to be bitter. It’s months and months after the fact. It is what it is.”

Newman figured his time was coming up with the Cowboys with how he finished last season. He suffered from some nagging injuries(hamstring, neck and toe) but did not use them as an excuse.

“I didn’t play the way I should’ve down the stretch,” Newman said.

He hopes to see Jones before kickoff Sunday and say hello. Whenever his career is done, Dallas will be his home.

How does he look back on his time with the Cowboys?

“I haven’t yet,” Newman said. “That’s the honest answer, I really haven’t. Things kind of happened and I just focused on what I can do and not on the things I could’ve done. It kind of makes no sense. I think when my career is done, … of course a lot of people say I wish I would’ve done this better or done that better, but at the end of the day I’m where I’m supposed to be obviously and I’m content with it.”