Official explains OT replay review

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Last week against Pittsburgh, the Cowboys lost a turnover after an officials’ review. In overtime Sunday against New Orleans, the Cowboys had a similar play again not go in their favor.

Saints receiver Marques Colston was ruled to have made a 9-yard catch, which he then fumbled down to the Dallas 2. Referee Walt Coleman confirmed the call on replay.

“He had two feet down, had possession of the ball and turned up field and got hit as his third step was coming down,” Coleman said to a pool reporter. “He had possession and time enough to do something with the football -- a football move.”

The Cowboys lost a turnover against the Steelers when referee Clete Blakeman ruled wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders did not have possession or make a football move as he was being hit by Cowboys safety Eric Frampton.

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was able to recover the fumble to set up the game-winning field goal attempt.

“I thought it was an identical play,” coach Jason Garrett said. “That was something I tried telling the officials. It didn’t go in our favor.”

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he believed it was a catch and fumble.

Said Coleman, “He doesn’t have to tuck it. So long as he has possession of it and moving it from one and to the other, he doesn’t have to tuck it away. He just has to have possession of the ball to be able to do something with it, like a normal football act. But he doesn’t have to tuck it against his body.”

As for the ball being placed at the 2, Coleman said fourth-quarter rules are in place for overtime, so the ball does not go back to the spot of the fumble outside of the final two minutes of the extra session.