Love triangle continues for Jerry Jones, coaches

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Uncomfortable as it may be, picture Jason Garrett as Jerry Jones' high school sweetheart.

Now, picture Sean Payton as the sexy homecoming queen.

Jerry truly loves Garrett, whom he's known for decades and declared could be his head coach for decades after giving him the full-time gig less than two years ago. He appreciates all of Garrett's great characteristics. He's proud that Garrett has guided the Dallas Cowboys to the point that they have a chance to punch their playoff ticket in a win-and-get-in regular-season finale, despite dealing with extreme adversity, of the football variety and far worse.

But, my goodness, Payton sure is pretty. Wow, what a stunner. And that beauty might want to flirt with Jerry?

How can you possibly expect a man to turn down that type of temptation? Heck, Jerry is only human.

After all, Payton is a proven Super Bowl champion on the short list of the NFL's best coaches, and he happens to have a tight relationship with the Jones family, dating to his days as a Cowboys assistant. So Jerry just can't bring himself to slam the door on speculation that Garrett could be a goner at the end of this season.

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