Should Cowboys look elsewhere for playcaller?

Is replacing Jason Garrett as the Cowboys' offensive play caller as easy as it sounds?

If the Cowboys take these duties away from Garrett, the strongest candidate to replace him would be offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan. He's called plays before -- with success.

Quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson remains a dark horse in the race, only because he's been more familiar with Garrett's offensive system longer than anybody on the staff next to Garrett. Callahan has spent one year with the system, and he's run the West Coast offense when he was with the Oakland Raiders.

The Cowboys could go outside the organization by possibly Hue Jackson, or waiting until the Baltimore Ravens season ends and go after Jim Caldwell. Caldwell might be harder to hire because it's assumed he'll get a salary increase for the work he's done with the Ravens the last month of the regular season.

Pat Shurmur was another possibility, but ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday that he's joining Chip Kelly's staff in Philadelphia. Mike Tice, who was let go by the Chicago Bears this week, could move into the role, too.

The Cowboys don't have to make an announcement regarding who becomes the offensive play caller, but at some point this offseason Jerry Jones and or Garrett will tell reporters what the situation is regarding the offense.

News hasn't broken regarding a potential playcaller change for several reasons: Jones and Garrett are still taking about making a possible switch, so a potential replacement hasn't been picked, either.

The longer this issues hangs in the air, the longer speculation regarding what the franchise will do.