Cowboys weekend mailbag: Keep or cut Jay Ratliff?

It's Super Bowl Sunday and we'll continue our offseason Cowboys weekend mailbag with our top three questions.

Q: To cut Jay Ratliff or not to cut Jay Ratliff? That is the question. I was in favor of cutting him prior to this. Why? He is a declining player who is oft- injured. He is living off his past success. Cut him and go a younger route. Add this idiotic decision to drive drunk with some of his bone head acts (on the field and locker room) and the decision is easy. Chris Cornette (Lothian, MD.)

A: I've gone back and forth with Ratliff the last few months. Before the 2012 season ended for the Cowboys, I just didn't think he was worth keeping around. His play was declining, his health was betraying him, just six games played due to injury, his attitude is bad, and the argument with Jerry Jones late in the season. But Jones surprised me at the Senior Bowl when he said all is forgiven with Ratliff. Of course, that was the same day we discovered Ratliff was arrested for driving while intoxicated. We assume Jones knew about the arrest regarding Ratliff when he spoke with reporters in Mobile, Ala., but we wonder, with all the negative backlash the franchise has received regarding Ratliff, will he stay? When the Cowboys move to a 4-3 scheme, he seems like a perfect fit. I do believe Ratliff will remain with the Cowboys in 2013. However, drafting a defensive tackle this spring should be a high priority.

Q: Do you think the Cowboys should draft a guard like Barrett Jones early? Naveen Bantu (Lexington, Mass.)

A: Yes, I believe drafting a center/guard is important for the Cowboys this spring. Not sure if Jones will be around at No. 18, but I do like Travis Frederick (6-foot-4, 330 pounds) from Wisconsin and Khaled Holmes, a 6-foot-4, 310 pounder from USC. The Cowboys should always look to upgrade the offensive line, especially after last season's issues with the interior.

Q: There is no way that the Cowboys can draft a quarterback. They already need more players than they can draft because of past deals by the GM. They had to like what they saw from Larry Warford. It would be nice if they drafted a guard like (Jonathan) Cooper or Warford. They could have a good draft because there will be players available in positions that they need. Randy Roberts (San Antonio)

A: You're reacting to what Troy Aikman said this week about drafting a quarterback. The Cowboys should draft a quarterback and I know there are plenty of needs for this team. That's why if Jerry Jones trades up or down he needs to get picks, picks and more picks. Building depth on your roster through the draft is vital to the long-term success for the Cowboys. Tony Romo can't play forever, but he'll be around at least three more years. Getting a quarterback in this draft to develop as a possible replacement is the smart thing to do.

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