Tony Romo doesn't owe Cowboys discount

New England quarterback Tom Brady signed a team-friendly contract extension this week that helps the Patriots create room under their salary cap.

As soon as the story hit the Internet, Dallas Cowboys fans flooded all forms of social media with demands that Tony Romo sign a similar team-friendly deal with the Cowboys whenever his contract gets restructured.


If Romo chooses to take less money from the Cowboys, fine. But he doesn't owe it to the Cowboys to do so. And if he wants every cent his agent can wrangle from the Cowboys, good for him.

And if Romo takes that route, he shouldn't receive any flak from his adoring public.

How many of y'all would take less money so your company could hire another quality employee? I ran it past my boss Tuesday afternoon, and he couldn't stop laughing. Frankly, he's probably still chuckling.

Some people suggested Romo has already made enough money because he signed a six-year, $65 million deal in 2007.


How much money is enough money is always relative. Folks who make $25,000 a year probably think $50,000 is enough. Folks who earn $100,000 probably think $250,000 is enough. Folks who make $500,000 probably think $1 million is enough. And those who earn $1 million probably think $10 million is enough.

Get the point?

More important, each person must make that decision for himself. It's not up to me or anyone else to tell someone how much money is enough. After all, Jerry Jones ain't offering hometown discount tickets for fans even after his team has gone 128-128 since 1997 with one playoff win. Nor is Jerry taking a pay cut.

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