L.P. Ladouceur signing brings stability

Amidst all the Cowboys reworking their deals, L.P. Ladouceur quietly was signed to a five-year deal Thursday.

It isn’t considered a “big” signing, but in some ways it should be. Yes, Ladouceur is the deep snapper, or a guy you only talk about when something goes wrong.

And that's the point. Nothing really goes wrong when Ladouceur is snapping the ball.

That’s not to say Ladouceur is the best deep snapper in the NFL, but he has a key attribute that Jason Garrett has long preached about during his time as head coach: dependability.

Ladouceur has worked with numerous holders the last two seasons and hasn't had a bad snap in quite some time.

Late in the season, Ladouceur talked about how the Cowboys could get him on the cheap because the free agent market was going to be filled with deep snappers. He even kept count of them -- at least six were to become unrestricted free agents.

For the last two seasons it seemed the Cowboys were trying to replace Ladouceur. He had to compete with Charley Hughlett in training camp.

But Ladouceur became that dependable rock the Cowboys needed on special teams. Now he's locked up for five more years. And while you might think it's not a big deal, having someone dependable, reliable, consistent, or whatever you want to call it, is important for any position on the field.