Is there a disconnect in Cowboys' war room?

The Dallas Cowboys' draft board was revealed by the website Blogging The Boys last week.

A review confirmed some of the statements or truths coming out of Valley Ranch at the time of the draft. But a closer look also reveals a question: Is there a disconnect in the Cowboys war room between Jerry Jones and the personnel people?

The Cowboys had a chance to draft tight end Tyler Eifert or defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd instead of moving down in the first round in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys did neither and traded down from No. 18 to No. 31. The 49ers drafted safety Eric Reid with the pick.

Eifert, meanwhile, was considered the best tight end in the draft.

If Eifert was rated so high by the Cowboys' personnel people, why not take him? The Cowboys decided against taking Floyd, who fell in the first round, because of what Jones called "fast twitch muscles."


It appears Jones sided with the coaches by bypassing Floyd and Eifert and didn't listen to his personnel people. The coaches and the personnel people will always have a variety of opinions regarding the draft, no matter what round. But it seems Jones should have listened to his personnel people over the coaches.

If you didn't take Eifert in the first round, why draft Gavin Escobar in the second round? Eifert was a better player based on how the scouts graded the tight end position. So Jones bypassed a first-round talent to move down in the draft and select a second-round graded player in center/guard Travis Frederick.

This is nothing against Frederick, but he's a second-round player drafted in the first round. It's not his fault and he shouldn't apologize for being drafted where he was.

But the process in which the Cowboys went about getting him seems very flawed and in some ways screams that Jones, the scouts and the coaches are not on the same page.

It certainly didn't appear the Cowboys were on the same page in the first round of the draft.

Afterward it seemed everybody was on point because the Cowboys stayed true to the board. The Cowboys didn't do that in the first round, and for that you have to blame the general manager.

There's only so much Jason Garrett can do in the war room. If he stands on his head against a move, it will be noted, but Jones makes the final call here.

While Jones is respected in the NFL for some of his draft day moves, it's hard not to believe what happened in the first round two months ago will affect the franchise going forward.