Bubble watch: Danny Coale

With the Cowboys set to open practice on Sunday, ESPN Dallas takes a look at players fighting to make the 53-man roster and how they might potentially fit on the roster in 2013.

Name: Danny Coale

Position: Wide receiver

Contract status: Signed through 2014

Why he should make it: Coale was a fifth-round pick last year, and teams will be patient with their selections. He has the ability to play inside and outside and can play in a couple of special teams roles as well, which is important for players fighting for the final roster spot. He gets by more on precision than speed. Knowing where to go and when to get there should help his case with Tony Romo.

Why he should not make it: Is his knee 100 percent? He did not take part in all of the offseason because of a torn ACL last December but did more in the June minicamp. He will have to push through the injury to make a name for himself. He will have to fight his way on the roster with guys who showed last season they can handle different roles in Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley. His best bet would be if the Cowboys kept six wide receivers, but that might be a luxury they cannot afford.

Main competition: Cole Beasley, Anthony Armstrong, Tim Benford, Eric Rogers, Anthony Amos

Chance to make roster: 25%