Cowboys tracker: Tony Romo

OXNARD, Calif. -- All eyes were on Tony Romo during the Dallas Cowboys' first training camp practice, the first time he has been on the field since offseason back surgery to remove a cyst in April.

What did they see? Some good and some rust.

Romo completed 16 of his 24 throws during team and seven-on-seven drills Sunday and was intercepted once. His first completion of practice went to Dez Bryant after a play-action fake, and his best completions were a back-shoulder throw to Bryant over Orlando Scandrick and a floater over linebacker Sean Lee to tight end Jason Witten.

Romo started slowly, completing only two of his first six passes, but after Lee’s interception on a tipped ball, he completed 14 of his last 18 passes. He was forced to scramble a few times because of some offensive line breakdowns and was sacked once, though not hit.

Even though it was a padless practice, Romo wore shells under his practice jersey in order to get used to the feel after such a long layoff. He also had to get used to practice speed again.

“Football is a unique sport in that it’s one of the few that I find you really can’t practice on your own, per se,” Romo said. “In basketball, you can go to the open gym and play five-on-five. You can go play golf, you can go play tennis, you can go do a lot of stuff, but you’re not going to go get 22 people and have it scripted out here doing that. For me, that aspect of it makes it a different sport in that regard.

“Saying that, what you can control is the speed and tempo you’re going to go out here and throw when you’re on the field. When I’m out here, I’ll still be looking off even though no one is on the other side, I’m still making my moves, making my body work faster than you want to because you have to get rushed. You have to duplicate the tempo when you’re on your own. If there was one thing I did when I first got in the league that helped me a lot was doing that on air. That allows you to when you come back in the 11-on-11 situations, it seems like you’ve been doing it for awhile.”