Larry Allen delivers Hall of Fame speech

CANTON, Ohio -- Larry Allen's speech lasted 16 minutes. Not sure anyone thought it would go more than 10 since he's a man of so few words.

Here are some highlights:

About being a man of few words: "During my career, I didn't talk that much, but I didn't have to. I used my helmet."

About his wife Janelle: "On our first date, she cooked for me. She cooked me two chickens, french fries, baked me a cake and gave me a 40 ounce. I knew then, that was my wife."

About his son, Larry III: "Very polite. But once he gets on that field, he's a beast just like his daddy."

About his grandmother: "When I was 14, she sat me down and said, 'Larry, you need to find out what you're good and go do it.' I think I did that, Granny."

About bench pressing 700 pounds: "I got in that weight room and became the strongest man in the NFL. I did it naturally. What's funny is once I benched 700 pounds, they tested me two times a week for the rest of my career."

About his career: "My goal was simple: to earn a seven-letter word called 'respect.' The respect of my teammates, opponents and the NFL. Today, my mission is complete."