Cowboys could extend training camp contract with Oxnard

OXNARD, Calif. -- Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones says the franchise is working on extending its training camp contract with the city of Oxnard. The deal ends in 2014 and the Cowboys are obligated to spend at least two weeks in training camp here.

San Antonio, where the Cowboys had training camp previously, would like to host the team as well.

"I think the positives that are here and really you guys experienced this, this isn’t light to me coming out here to Southern California, like we’re trying to experiment over here," Jones said Tuesday. "We’ve been doing this for how many years now? Thirty-something, 35 years if you really count Thousand Oaks. This is what we ought to be doing. And we’re working right now on trying to extend it."

The Cowboys have held training camp practices in five states in their existence. From 2004 to '06, the Cowboys held training camp practices in Oxnard -- about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles -- but in 2007 the team began a five-year agreement with the city of San Antonio.

However, in 2010, the Cowboys had a split camp between San Antonio and Oxnard because of a scheduling conflict at the Alamodome.

Jones said he's open to having split camps between cities but needs five preseason games to achieve it. With the Cowboys building a new practice facility in Frisco, Texas, the opportunity is there to have split camps in the future starting in 2016.

"Now we needed five games to do it, to really have it be as comfortable as this year," Jones said. "We need to start a week earlier to get it all in. But we can get it in. You’ve got to travel anyway to make these preseason games. You’ve got to put your bags together, picking it up, staying real organized in camp and players and everybody else. And we have to travel around during the season so it’s part of getting ready. I think the positives that are here."