Claiborne rebounds against Rams

ARLINGTON, Texas – For a week, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne had to live with getting run over by Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles.

It took him four snaps on Sunday to put that to rest – and worry about his injured left shoulder – when he was able to blow up St. Louis Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin on a quick throw to the flat.

Forget the difference in size between the players, because it did a world of good for Claiborne’s confidence.

“I wanted that opportunity to come back again,” he said. “I had it last week and I failed at it. That’s one of those things all week I wanted that opportunity to present itself again, and I think I handled it well.”

Claiborne, who came off the bench again with Orlando Scandrick starting, was credited with just one more tackle in the game, but he also had a pass breakup in the end zone in the fourth quarter. Coach Jason Garrett was even willing to let a dubious pass-interference penalty in the fourth quarter slide.

“I thought he did a really good job of just playing the guy the right way,” Garrett said. “I mean, that play happens a lot in football. I think he’s getting healthier and healthier, and I think with that he becomes a more and more confident player.”