Garrett: Tony Romo not being too careful

IRVING, Texas -- Tony Romo has to walk a delicate balance as the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback.

If he takes too many chances, he will hear how he is too much of a gunslinger. If he protects the ball, as he has done through the first four games, people will wonder if he is too much of a game manager.

Calvin Watkins brought up the point about the lack of the deep ball in the Cowboys’ offense so far, and maybe Romo is being too careful.

“I don’t know that I buy that,” coach Jason Garrett said.

Romo is completing 72 percent of his passes, but he has only three completions of 25 yards or more this season. He has averaged 33 passes of 25 yards or more in the six seasons in which he has started at least 10 games. He is on pace for 12 in 2013.

“I think you can make big plays without turning the ball over,” Garrett said. “I think over Tony’s career he’s demonstrated that. He’s had a number of years where he’s had a high touchdown total and a low interception total. And that’s obviously what we’re going for. I think we’re playing better than we have in a long time on the offensive line. They have some marquee rushers on that San Diego defensive front. We did a good job of slowing those guys down. I thought he had time to throw the football, and so in that kind of balance that we have, if we’re running it, if we’re protecting it, I believe you can make some of those plays. We’ve just got to do that on a more consistent basis.”

Game situations often dictate decisions. When you’re down two scores in the fourth quarter, passes need to be thrown. Romo got the Cowboys to the Chargers' 1 on Sunday in that situation before Terrance Williams fumbled.

Garrett said Romo’s decision-making has been solid so far, but not perfect because it’s never perfect.

“As well as Peyton Manning is playing right now, he probably goes back and looks at the tape and goes, ‘Ah, that wasn’t very good. I should have gone there with the ball, I should have done this, I should have done that,’” Garrett said.

And being too careful can be a bad decision.

“I mean, a good decision isn’t necessarily just check it down every time,” Garrett said. “You and I can do that.”