A new challenge for Cowboys' pass rush

IRVING, Texas -- When the Dallas Cowboys prepared for Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning, they knew where the quarterback of the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos would be.

Getting ready for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is more than a little different.

“A whole different deal than both of those,” defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin said. “Those guys are not necessarily outside ... You get to him but all of a sudden you better contain him because [around] the time you’re going to get a sack he’ll run away from you if you don’t control the pocket.”

And Griffin’s surgically repaired knee is feeling better and the Redskins coaches feel more confident in Griffin moving around. After returning from a torn anterior cruciate ligament at Baylor, Griffin said his coaches told him it was after the fourth game that he looked 100 percent.

Sunday will be Griffin’s fifth game of the season.

The Cowboys have just one sack in the past two games. They attributed most of that to how quickly Rivers and Manning got rid of the ball. Griffin has been sacked seven times this season. He’s rushed 18 times for 72 yards.

“Griffin is a more mobile quarterback so he’s going to get out there and try to make plays with his legs and get to his wide receivers, so we have to contain him more, keep him in the pocket,” said defensive end George Selvie, who has the Cowboys’ most recent sack (second quarter vs. Rivers). “He wants to move, so we have to try to contain him as much as possible.”

The Cowboys sacked Griffin four times in two games last season.

“They’ve been successful on offense, and he’s done some good things offensively both from the pocket and when he’s moving,” coach Jason Garrett said. “People will say he’s not out of the pocket as much, that stuff exists on every tape I watch. They do some of the pistol stuff, some of the read-option stuff. They try to get him out of the pocket. So out of the stuff that he’s done over the course of his young career, he’s certainly doing (it) this year. He’s making a lot of plays throwing the football, I know that.”