Barry Church disputes personal fouls

ARLINGTON, Texas -- After twice being penalized for late hits on Robert Griffin III, Barry Church knows there's a possibility that he'll be receiving one of those dreaded envelopes from the NFL office this week.

“Man, I hope not,” Church said. “That was some ... I'm not going to say it. I don't know. If it happens, it happens. That guy's high-stepping. He's about to show me up. He's high-stepping over there to the sideline -- nah. And the second one, I'm getting blocked! How am I roughing him if I'm getting blocked? Whatever, man.”

Both of Church's penalties, which could result in fines, happened in the third quarter. The flags flew after Griffin scrambled for first downs and got out of bounds. The first penalty occurred when Church tackled Griffin at the end of a 26-yard run. The second occurred when Church made contact with Griffin while being blocked at the end of an 11-yard run.

The contact wasn't malicious in either case, and Church is convinced that neither flag was warranted.

“That was frustrating,” Church said. “It was real frustrating, both of those penalties. I guess it's part of the game, though.”

Church points out that Griffin, who rushed for 815 yards and seven touchdowns last season and ran for 77 yards on nine carries Sunday night, is too dangerous to treat like a typical quarterback once he leaves the pocket.

“If he would have stopped on a dime and cut back on me, then everybody would have been like, ‘Oh, what the heck is Church doing? Why didn't he tackle him?'” Church said. “I'll never take a chance. If a dude looks like he's about to make a move, I'm going to tackle him.

“But they called it. If they call it, they call it. I've got to live with it.”