Cowboys no names come through again

PHILADELPHIA -- Five of the eight defensive linemen the Dallas Cowboys used against the Philadelphia Eagles joined the team after training camp began. Two joined in September. Two more joined the 53-man roster last week.

Last Thursday Jason Hatcher, the biggest name of the No-Name bunch, organized a trip to a local comedy club to get to know each other a little better.

Name tags were not needed.

“Nah, I know them,” Hatcher said, “but it’s just goes to show you man when you play for each other, you love one another off the field and you spend time with each other , you know on the field it’s going to be something special. Just go out there and work your butt off for each other.”

Hatcher had his sixth sack of the season, tacking on to his career high. George Selvie (signed July 24) had the first multi-sack game of his career (1.5 sacks). Jarius Wynn (signed last Tuesday) split the sack with Selvie. Caesar Rayford (signed Sept. 3) had Matt Barkley by the ankle on Barry Church's interception in the fourth quarter.

“It’s what football’s about, you know,” defensive line coach Rod Marinelli said. “At the end of the day, it’s still a blue-collar game of men who want to go out and work, fight, compete, and opportunities. That’s what I see it as. It’s special.”