Jason Garrett reacts to Bum Phillips' death

IRVING, Texas -- Former NFL coach Bum Phillips died on Friday.

Phillips, 90, was a beloved figure around the NFL for his Cowboy hat and for the good teams he coached with the Houston Oilers in the 1970s.

"He's certainly a legend," said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, who met Bum Phillips while Bum's son, Wade, was the head coach of the Cowboys prior to Garrett. "One of the great coaches in this league. A legendary high school coach here in Texas and a fantastic guy. I didn't know Bum well. I only visited with him only on a couple of different occasions, but I've had tremendous fondness for Wade and for Wes and their entire family. So many great stories about him and just his approach to football, his approach to life and the kind of guy he's been for a long, long time. He lived 90 years, he lived a full-life and impacted a lot of lives. I think anybody whose had a chance to be around him would say the same thing, a really special person."

Garrett has a close relationship with Bum Phillips' grandson, Wes, the Cowboys' tight ends coach.

A memorial service will be held Tuesday, and Phillips will be laid to rest at his ranch in Goliad, Texas.