Audio backs Dez Bryant's claims of support

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has taken some heat in the past 24 hours for two sideline rants in Dallas' loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

But sideline audio and video released by NFL.com on Monday night supports Bryant's assertion that he was offering support to his teammates.

During the first sideline chat, when Bryant is waving his arms, he yells, "No, we can't let them do that. They playing me [expletive] up. We destroy that."

Bryant is referring to press-man coverage by the Lions, something Bryant feels he can beat with a deep pass. Quarterback Tony Romo and wide receivers coach Derek Dooley are also on the audio speaking to Bryant about watching where the safety is playing him.

After Bryant breaks through Jason Witten and Jason Garrett to speak with Romo, the receiver says, "It's over on that last one."

While kneeling down with Dooley and Romo, the receivers coach tells Bryant, "Just sit it down, don't look at Tony. Safety is coming over the top."

Dooley later adds, "It looks open but they coming over the top."

Dooley is explaining to Bryant to be careful of the safety because he presents a threat on a deep pass and that's why Romo isn't throwing passes down the field toward him.

Bryant is very animated, but he never says anything negative about individually wanting the ball. If anything, Bryant is talking about how the Cowboys can beat the Lions' deep coverage.

"We busted our ass not to win this [expletive] game," Bryant yells.

Bryant did have another animated discussion on the sidelines with tight end Jason Witten with 12 seconds to play in the game. The pair needed to be separated by defensive end DeMarcus Ware, who at one point grabbed Bryant to calm him down.

Bryant hugged Witten in the locker room after the game and everyone involved said the issues on the sidelines are nothing more than a player being passionate about trying to win a game.

"There was no anger at all," Bryant said to reporters on Monday. "Me and Witt, we laughed and smiled. We even joked about it whenever we got on the bus. Check this out. Don’t think that I know there’s not a million and one cameras out there on that field. The thing about it is, this is a football game. You can’t worry about who’s watching, who’s paying attention. It’s all about motivating, trying to get guys’ minds right and things like that. And basically that’s what it was. For the most part, that’s what it was, especially with the Romo situation. I don’t know how that came about. I got done talking to Romo, I went down to talk to [Cowboys WR} Terrance Williams and tell them, ‘You know what, they keep you like, keep killing ‘em, keep killing ‘em, keep killing me.' And so I see he broke out for, how long was the touchdown? 60 yards?"

Williams had a 60-yard TD catch in the fourth-quarter. After that, Bryant had a 50-yard TD catch. Overall, Bryant had three catches for 72 yards and two touchdown receptions.