Jerry Jones is disappointed with 4-4

During his twice-a-week radio show, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones expressed disappointment with his teams 4-4 record.

Of the eight first-place teams in the NFL, the Cowboys have the worst winning percentage at .500.

"I'm disappointed," Jones said Tuesday morning on KRLD-FM. "I take no solace in the fact that we had our losses to teams that were by a point or less."

The Cowboys have lost to Kansas City, Denver and Detroit by a total of five points. But the Cowboys have allowed the second-most second-half points in the NFL at 115 and allowed 67 fourth-quarter points, which is fourth in the league.

Several players talked about finishing games and Jones agrees that needs to happen. Jones also noted injuries can bother teams from achieving their goals.

The Baltimore Ravens lost four of their last five games in 2012 and Jones said it didn't stop that team from winning the Super Bowl last season.

"In this particular case we got to keep our eye on course this Sunday [against Minnesota]" Jones said. "But we got to keep our eye on continuing to win games. This thing will come down to the end and could have a situation like Baltimore did last year. They didn't look like they were in it. They weren’t playing very well. We missed beating them by a six-inch field goal [last season], to refresh our memory and they end up in the world championship. We're continuing to have some injuries that will impact that, too. So we just got to keep dealing with what we’re dealing with and I want to be very positive, though we're sitting here probably [with] as a good a chance, although we are missing some players, but other teams are to, but we’re sitting here with as good chance of where we want to be as when we started the season."