Nick Hayden rocks on with celebration

ARLINGTON, Texas – Nick Hayden, rock star?

Maybe in the dreams of the Dallas Cowboys' defensive tackle.

Hayden brought out his Pete Townsend imitation after scoring the first touchdown of his NFL career and his first since he was a tight end at Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wis.

“I had to get the guitar tuned up a first, put the strap on, then rock out and throw it down afterwards,” Hayden said.

Hayden's touchdown came after a strip sack of quarterback Christian Ponder by George Selvie on the Minnesota Vikings first play of the second half and gave the Cowboys a 20-10 lead.

Hayden swears he never practiced the celebration before, but he was considering it if he got a sack.

“I wish I could play guitar in real life, so I guess they say the tuner is important for most artists to get it right on tune,” Hayden said. “But it was just something fun. It was a good time.”