Romo's pick is Williams' fault

Tony Romo has thrown six interceptions this season and two of them were in the direction of rookie receiver Terrance Williams.

Romo's first pick of the season was a result of Williams running the wrong route, but the one on Sunday in the victory over the Minnesota Vikings wasn't about the wrong route.

Williams needed to fight for the pass when he tangled with Vikings cornerback A.J. Jefferson.

On third-and-nine from the Dallas 27, Romo sent a pass toward Williams, but Jefferson was able to get in the way to snag the ball with 4:29 left in the fourth quarter. The turnover didn't lead to a Vikings score, because the Cowboys' defense forced a punt with 2:51 to play.

"Certainly the coverage was tight and the guy made a good play, good break on the football," coach Jason Garrett said. "When it is one-on-one, you have to cut the ball loose. You have to count on the receiver winning and the receiver making the play for you and certainly, not a lot of bad things happening."

Garrett also noted a review of the game-tape will reveal more, but as talented as Williams is, he's also made a few mistakes. They're not end-of-the-world mistakes, but just rookie mistakes he'll grow from.

Part of the offense's struggles can be attributed to some of the young players still learning the game.

"There's some of that," Romo said. "I think that's part of it and we've got a couple of young guys who are playing that will have to get to that point. That's part of the experience thing. It's the greatest teacher you'll ever have is just going out and actually doing it. I had to grow up like that and other guys do, and they're doing a great job. if you can find a way to win the games and make the plays that we need to make like we did (Sunday), then we'll be the ball club that we can be and they'll be the players they can be."