Jason Hatcher playing with nerve damage

IRVING, Texas -- While the Dallas Cowboys are getting defensive end DeMarcus Ware back for Sunday's game at the New Orleans Saints, defensive tackle Jason Hatcher's availability is a question mark.

Hatcher suffered nerve damage in the neck area and doesn't have enough strength in his arm to practice, let alone play in a game.

"This thing is kind of stressful and I lost all the strength in my arm," Hatcher said Wednesday. "So it's getting better day by day and hopefully I'll be out there with D-Ware this weekend."

Ware has encountered nerve issues in his neck/shoulder area in the past, but it's nothing like what Hatcher is experiencing.

"DeMarcus' was different," Hatcher said. "I talked to him [Wednesday] about it. Mine, when it happened, I lost the strength in my arm and its never happened to me. It's an odd situation, frustrating, so it's just a day-to-day process. It's a nerve condition, I think you've got to wait until the nerve gets un-pissed off and it can give me my arm back. As soon as that happens, hopefully it will be before Sunday and I can go out there and help my team win."

The Cowboys have signed nine defensive linemen to the active roster since September and are juggling players on a regular basis during games. If Hatcher isn't available for Sunday's game, expect Drake Nevis to replace him.

"It's day-to-day, just stay off it, don't hit it again or aggravate it," said Hatcher, who took to the internet to explore the type of injury he has. "It's kind of inflamed right now so get the swelling out and so it can start to respond and I can get my arm back."