Cowboys prepared for any kind of game

IRVING, Texas -- It seems as if everybody is expecting a shootout Sunday between the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

At some point we might be right. A shootout never materialized against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys had a special-teams touchdown and a 3-yard scoring drive against the Washington Redskins in another prescribed shootout. The game against the Detroit Lions did not become a shootout until the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys and Denver Broncos followed through on a predicted shootout with Peyton Manning delivering a 51-48 win.

Facing an offense like New Orleans on Sunday with Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles and Marques Colston, the Cowboys might have to rely on the offense to pull out a victory.

Not that Tony Romo looks at it that way.

“You trust your defense. You trust your special teams. You play the game that’s played that day,” Romo said. “If we have to score a lot of points then we have to be willing to do that. If you’re in some tough spots, you got to be patient and they’re scoring, you got to stay true to the plan and go when the time has come to give your team a chance.”

The Cowboys scored on eight of 11 possessions against the Broncos. They had two turnovers and one punt. And it wasn’t enough. The Cowboys will have to maximize their possessions against the Saints.

“You want to run what you want to run,” coach Jason Garrett said. “The best way to handle any situation is simply execute ball plays as best as you can whether they’re runs or passes, who’s playing defense, who’s on their offense. That’s your objective every week: move the ball, make first downs, give yourself some scoring opportunities.”