Cowboys players react to hair pulling

IRVING, Texas -- There was some interest in the Dallas Cowboys' locker room regarding some hair pulling on Sunday.

Jacksonville defensive end Jason Babin pulled several braids out of the head of Arizona running back Andre Ellington late in the third quarter.

After Babin snatched the hair out, he dropped it to the ground. The hair was later retrieved and returned to Ellington.

Cowboys cornerback B.W. Webb, who has long braids that stretch under the helmet, said Ellington's hair is pretty thin for them to be coming out.

However, Webb said the hair is real, much like his and not hair extensions, something several people use for braids when they have short hair.

Webb said an opposing player pulled on his braids on special teams this season but everything was OK in terms of no hair coming out.

Cowboys defensive tackle Drake Nevis, who also wears long braids, said he lost a few strands in a preseason game last season when he played for Indianapolis.

"If it comes from the scalp it would hurt a lot," said Nevis, who didn't know about Ellington's braids coming out. "Scalp will probably start bleeding. I've gotten a few of them come out in the past but it didn’t hurt."

Rookie safety J.J. Wilcox started growing long braids his senior year at Georgia Southern, but isn't worried about getting them pulled out.

"It's hard to pull it out," he said. "I know it (would) hurt if you tug it a little bit. It hurts but mine haven’t been long enough."