Garrett wants Murray to finish runs

IRVING, Texas -- It seems there's always something going on with the Dallas Cowboys

On Monday coach Jason Garrett said he wants starting running back DeMarco Murray to finish off some runs. Murray rushed for 86 yards on 14 carries in the Cowboys' dramatic 24-21 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday.

"There were some times that DeMarco needs to finish runs better, there’s no question about that," Garrett said.

Murray had a few questionable plays where he could have gained big yards -- which included a second quarter run where Murray did gain 30 yards, but how he finished the play raised some concerns.

Toward the end of the run, Murray elected to go out of bounds instead of taking on Giants safety Will Hill who was about five yards down the field.

"Sometimes backs do what he did [Sunday]," Garrett said. "They see a certain situation, a certain way they feel like the best option is to go out of bounds. I think when we went back and looked at the tape, we said you can stick your nose in there a little more. It’s not cowardly. He’s the furthest thing from that. Just watch the rest of the game."

Out of Murray's 14 carries, he went out of bounds five times and broke an estimated six tackles overall. He drew an unnecessary roughness penalty on a third quarter run to the sidelines from safety Antrel Rolle.

Murray said he didn't have a problem with Garrett questioning his play.

"I looked at the one run that I had where I went out of bounds, I thought I made a good decision," Murray said of the 30-yard gain. "I was trapped in and there wasn't a lot of room to go."

Murray has always been noted as a physical runner, though not fast, he's got quickness and good vision. The biggest issues Murray has is durability. He hasn't played a full 16-game season in his career. Against the Giants, it seemed Murray missed a few holes where big gains could have occurred.

"You just got to be selective and be smart in situations like that," Murray said. "When they got you trapped in the sidelines is there and you don't have much room and ther's a guy coming from the inside and there's a guy on top of you, you got to be smart in situations like that. The more times than not, I do deliver a blow but you just try to be smart at times like that."

Murray said he's not trying to avoid contact.

"Maybe that’s not a dumb thing to do," Garrett said of avoiding contact to reduce the possibility of injuries. "We just sit here with coaches and say a couple of those you could’ve been more physical and aggressive with. He was physical and aggressive throughout the game and played a good football game for us. He was a big part of our success for the game. We don’t want to over evaluate that at all. That’s something we address with our players. There’s a lot of things you address with your players over the course of a game, as a coach. This week we address them quickly and move on to the Raiders."