Orlando Scandrick responds to Victor Cruz

IRVING, Texas -- It seems the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys can't stop talking about each other.

Giants receiver Victor Cruz was held to two catches for 27 yards by cornerback Orlando Scandrick on Sunday, and he wasn't happy about it.

"He always holds on every play," Cruz told reporters in New York. "It's always borderline whether it was pass interference or holding or whatever. I just don't think about that and understand that he is going to do that and play through."

Scandrick, who asked to cover Cruz the entire game, was told about Cruz's comments.

"I know it might have felt like it was two guys on him, or a double-team, but what I say to that is, I didn't have one penalty," Scandrick said. "He can say what he wants to say, I have the utmost respect for him. The guy's a worker and I know I'm going to have to see him twice a year. He's a good player."

Cruz was also charged with a fumble. After Cruz made a catch, Scandrick stripped him, and the loose ball was recovered by Cowboys safety Jeff Heath and returned 50 yards for the first touchdown of the game.

"That's just something we work [on] everyday," Scandrick said of the forced fumble. "Guy is being held up, rip at the ball. It’s cold. He was cold like I was cold. So when that ball gets a little harder, a little slicker, it gets harder to hold onto. Just look at how many balls were on the ground. Look around the league and see how many balls were on the ground. They had 12 turnovers – 12 times the ball hit the ground in Denver and New England. That’s obvious, though."