Is Jerry Jones changing his tone on Garrett?

IRVING, Texas -- A few weeks ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said coach Jason Garrett will return for the 2014 season.

Asked whether Garrett would be the coach next season, Jones simply said, "Yes."

On Jones' Tuesday morning radio show, the owner was asked again about Garrett returning if the Cowboys struggle in December. Currently, the Cowboys are tied for first place in the NFC East but the team has failed to close out the regular season the past two seasons.

The Cowboys, with a playoff berth on the line, lost their last two regular-season finales. If Garrett does it again, Jones was asked, would that determine his fate?

"Yeah, I think he’d be the first to tell ya that he's going to have a lot of disappointment along with the rest of us if we don’t do better than we’ve done at the end of our seasons the last couple of years," Jones said on KRLD-FM. "Certainly we’ve had coaches, I've had coaches that have also fallen short in this last part of the season but frankly, in general, apart from our disappointment, that hadn’t been the reason I made coaching changes. Just December."

So is Jones changing his mind about Garrett's status?

The Cowboys owner wants Garrett to succeed but he can't ignore the sad truth about his team that it hasn't reached the postseason the past three seasons.

"We didn’t play well enough in those games," Garrett said in talking about the ending of regular seasons. "We played pretty darn well leading up to some of those games and didn’t play well enough in those games. And you go back and look at it and say, ‘Why?’ It’s a long time ago. But I can give you the down-by-down analysis as to why that we weren’t good enough and they were better. And typically it has something to do with doing things that winning football teams do and not doing things that losing football teams do.

"And that’s usually the case every week in this league. I watched a lot of football on Sunday on a couch. I saw a lot of those things that we preach to our players. The games come down to the last series, the final drive and the teams that do what’s necessary to win typically win and it’s simple as that. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if you don’t hurt yourself, you don’t beat yourself, take care of the ball, play good, sound, fundamental defense, execute on offense, convert third downs and score when you get a chance to score, typically you win. That’s all over the league. That’s not unique to Dallas."