Should Jones extend Garrett's deal?

The New York Jets made a statement today by giving a contract extension to coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan was entering the final year of his contract with the Jets and owner Woody Johnson felt it was best to give him a multiyear deal.

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is entering the final year of his contract, but there has been no word on a contract extension, giving him lame duck status.

Jerry Jones doesn't believe in lame duck statuses because his thought process is that every player and coach is fighting for a job every year, regardless of length of contract.

It's probably true, but when you're trying to fix a franchise that's missed the playoffs the last four seasons, long-term stability is important. The Cowboys need that from Garrett, but last year Jones took power away from his head coach when he fired the defensive coordinator and made Garrett give up the offensive play-calling duties.

Jones has given Garrett three seasons to move the franchise forward, and all it's gotten him is .500.

But Jones believes in Garrett, and if that's the case, give him another year on his contract.

If Jones or Garrett wanted to make changes to the coaching staff, it would be easier to hire people knowing there is some sort of stability with the head coach. An assistant coach, whether he's on the staff or looking to join the team in some capacity, can't say that now with Garrett on the hot seat for 2014.

By not giving Garrett an extension, Jones can blow the entire thing up and find a new coaching staff for 2015 if the Cowboys miss the postseason again.

As I said, Jones likes Garrett and believes in what he's doing.

If that's the case, then do what the Jets did today, give the head coach a contract extension.