10 offseason questions: Trade Claiborne?

The Dallas Cowboys have major decisions to handle regarding their franchise this offseason. Todd Archer and Calvin Watkins, along with some guests, answer some of biggest issues for the Cowboys this week.

Would you trade cornerback Morris Claiborne?

Jean-Jacques Taylor: Now is not a good time to trade Claiborne because you can't get anything for him. We're talking about a guy the Cowboys traded up to acquire with the sixth overall pick in the NFL draft. It's unlikely you could get anything better than a fourth-round pick for him -- a third at the absolute most. He's hasn't made plays, he's struggled to play zone and he can't stay healthy. What team would trade for a guy like that? The only positive, thus far, about Claiborne is that he's still young. He's entering his third season. It's a huge year for him and an opportunity to prove he's not going to be one of the biggest busts of the Jerry Jones era.

Calvin Watkins: After two seasons do we really know the type of player Claiborne is? In two NFL seasons Claiborne has missed more games (seven) than he's got interceptions (two). You're looking for the big payday with Claiborne, considering the team moved up eight spots in the draft to select him sixth overall. Claiborne is a man-to-man corner and yet he doesn't make enough plays on the ball. He complained about not playing enough man coverage last season, but when then-defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin elected to employ more man coverage Claiborne still was average. The Cowboys should explore trading Claiborne if they could get a third-or-fourth round pick.