Lovie Smith: Marinelli to maximize Dallas D

INDIANAPOLIS – When Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith was hired, he wanted to hire Rod Marinelli as his defensive coordinator. He just couldn’t.

Marinelli was under contract with the Cowboys for 2014 and the Cowboys were not about to let him leave.

Last month Marinelli was named the Cowboys' defensive coordinator with Monte Kiffin moving to the assistant head coach/defense role.

“I just know what he brings to the table,” Smith said. “Same guy each day, fundamentals will be strong. It’s not going to be high and low. Consistency with the message. Clarity with what he wants. He’s got a system of guys doing it a certain way. You just look at the track record. I don’t know the exact personnel he’s working with but I know he’ll bring out the maximum in them.”