Jerry Jones explains why he's not leaving

Several Cowboys fans and even media members are tired of Jerry Jones being the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys.

You can't take Jones out as owner because -- let's be honest -- he's one of the best in professional sports.

As a general manager, he's had some issues.

Jones won't change the structure of how the Cowboys are run. In an interview with KRLD-FM Dallas/Fort Worth, Jones said when he purchased the team he wanted to follow the Tex Schramm model of a long-term general manager and a long-term coach. That's the reason why he signed Jimmy Johnson to a 10-year contract in 1989.

We all know what happened with that.

“In the last 25 years, the NFL has averaged 4.5 [general manager changes] per club," Jones said. "In the last 25 years, they've averaged seven [coaching changes for each of the] 32 teams. Sometimes, it's been 30 [teams] or 28 [teams] when I first got involved. Seven coaches and four and a half general managers. We've had six coaches. The facts are there is no secret, and by the way the ones that have had a longer time with a GM or less [time with] coaches have always had a [Tom] Brady or a [Troy] Aikman. They've always had that top quarterback during that time."

Jones has a top quarterback now in Tony Romo and has posted just one playoff victory with him running things. With that in mind, Jones blames himself for the problems with the franchise and not so much Romo.

Jones said one of his biggest regrets is not winning a title with Romo. That could change if the Cowboys stop their regressive state. But if anyone believes Jones is going to give up the GM duties and hand things off to say, Stephen Jones, who currently is the executive vice president in charge of personnel, they're mistaken.

"This isn’t uncommon in the NFL to realize the individual that ultimately makes the decision in acquiring players, not one day, not a single hour since I've owned the Cowboys have I not made the final decision on any player," Jones said. "If you check with the league, not one day since 1989, has anybody been authorized in the league office to call up there and say, 'we've acquired or we want to trade for this player.' The only one is me. I was real clear about that when I got involved."