Tony Romo meets with David Cutcliffe

Over the weekend, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, along with coach Jason Garrett, met with Duke football coach David Cutcliffe.

The details of the meeting weren’t revealed and Cutcliffe wasn’t available for comment, according to Duke officials, because he’s on vacation.

The chat between the trio can be perceived in different ways:

  • Romo might have been trying to gain some tips, and considering Cutcliffe mentors Peyton and Eli Manning, that’s not a bad man to hook up with.

  • Romo might want to bring some of his receivers to Duke for a future workout, something both Mannings have done.

  • Romo and Garrett were just saying hi as they were passing through to visit the basketball office.

Cutcliffe is considered a quarterback guru. If Romo was trying to pick his brain, this is the best time to do it.

He’s got a lot to prove in terms of coming back from back surgery. Then again, regardless of his back surgery, Romo has plenty to achieve.

The man has just one playoff win on his résumé and more failures in big games than he should given the amount of money he’s paid by the Cowboys.

Romo produced a strong season in 2013 with a 96.7 quarterback rating, a 63.9 completion percentage. 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions.

Romo also had six games with a quarterback rating of over 100.

Yet, he was far from perfect. It’s great to throw for more than 500 yards, which he did against Denver. It's terrible to lose the game on an interception.

Romo went 3-2 in games he attempted more than 40 passes, including losses to Green Bay and Kansas City. The Cowboys blew a 23-point halftime lead against the Packers and failed to score a touchdown in the second half against the Chiefs.

Is Romo an elite quarterback? It depends on what your definition is of one.

Does a QB need to win a Super Bowl to move to elite status? Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger have each won two Super Bowls. Aaron Rodgers has one title.

Are they elite?

Every offseason, Romo says he works on something different with his game. It can be footwork, hand placement when under pressure, arm angles or just improving his decision-making.

Romo is entering his ninth season as a NFL starter with his head coach, Garrett, entering the final year of his deal.

This could be Romo’s last year with Garrett, and if the Cowboys fail to make the postseason that partnership, which started in 2007, will most likely end.

We hope Romo was picking Cutcliffe’s mind about improving his game instead of just passing through the football offices on the way to shoot hoops. If so, it was a smart stop before things get geared up for a crucial 2014 season.