Work on new Frisco facility starts soon

IRVING, Texas -- Construction on the Dallas Cowboys' new practice facility in Frisco, Texas, will begin soon and executive vice president Stephen Jones can't wait.

UPDATE: According to a team spokesman, Jones misspoke earlier when he said work would begin Thursday.

The city of Frisco has allocated $115 million for a 12,000-seat indoor football stadium, practice fields and the team's headquarters. The Cowboys would pay for any greater costs.

"It's exciting," Jones said. "We're fired up about our place. It will hopefully be state of the art and best in class and we're excited to get with it."

The site is expected to open in 2016.

The Cowboys visited a number of NFL and college facilities to get a look at what they want in their building. The initial cost of AT&T Stadium was $625 million with the city of Arlington locked in at $325 million. The final price of the stadium was $1.2 billion.

The Cowboys have called Valley Ranch their practice home since 1985 and have outgrown the place. A storage closet has been remodeled into the running backs' meeting room.

"It will be different," Jones said. "Technology, layout, as you can see around here, we're obviously looking for space. Not huge differences, only so many different things you can do with locker room and how to access the field and equipment rooms and training rooms and weight rooms."

Jones said the family is not sure what will happen to the Valley Ranch property when the club moves.

"As you know, we have real estate in other places and know what to do with it," Jones said. "It's not going to sit here like this. It could be apartments, more than likely."