Five questions with: James Hanna

IRVING, Texas -- With the players entering the downtime of the offseason, we offer up a Five Questions segment.

Today’s subject is Dallas Cowboys tight end James Hanna.

Hanna, who grew up in Flower Mound, Texas, was a sixth-round pick in 2012. He started eight games last season and caught 12 passes for 73 yards.

What is your first football memory?

Hanna: I was playing LFA in Lewisville and I was playing fullback against this big linebacker guy and I learned the lesson real young: keep your head up when you’re hitting somebody because I thought I snapped my entire spine in half. I was probably in fourth grade, fifth grade. I was young.

If you could play any other position, what would it be?

Hanna: On offense it would be wide receiver. On defense it would probably be outside linebacker or safety. I have good closing speed, so I feel like I would be able to make plays on the ball as a safety and might be good in run support. And I just could cover a lot of ground as a linebacker.

If you were Commissioner for a day, what rule would you change?

Hanna: That’s tough, man. I think they’re doing a pretty good job.

Who is the non-Cowboy you respect the most in the league?

Hanna: Adrian Peterson. He just goes so hard every play.

If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?

Hanna: If I hadn’t done football initially all the way from high school I probably would’ve gone to law school or really just whatever in college would have piqued my interest then. But in high school I was thinking lawyer. I started off sociology (at Oklahoma) but with a criminology focus and then decided I was going to take an easier path. I just graduated like a week and a half ago. Multi-disciplinary studies, which is just like some general. I took a bunch of elective classes, but I had to have a certain amount of upper-division ones.