Weeden excited for camp, will miss son

OXNARD, Calif. -- The Dallas Cowboys arrive at Naval Base Ventura County today for the long grind of training camp.

The grind isn’t the same as it was even when Jason Witten and Tony Romo were rookies -- the collective bargaining agreement now limits practices and when and how the sessions operate -- but it is still a grind.

For some players, camp is broken up by the visits from family as their sons and daughters roam the field after practices.

This will be Brandon Weeden's first training camp away from home, so to speak. The Cleveland Browns practiced at their facility in his first two years. Weeden has heard the talk about the cool weather and setup of camp from his Cowboys teammates.

But he won’t be able to have the grind interrupted by a family visit. His wife, Melanie, gave birth to a boy, Cooper, almost three weeks ago.

“That’s going to be tough, being away but at the same time I’m looking forward to practicing somewhere else,” Weeden said. “I always heard about Oxnard and the setup and the fan base that travels and the people that are out there already who are Cowboys fans. I heard it's first class, top-notch. I’m excited about that part and the weather, getting out of that 100 degrees is always nice. But having the little man around would’ve been nice. I’m going to miss him and the wife, but I think that’s part of playing this sport. There’s adversity you’ve got to get over.”