Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag, part 1

IRVING, Texas – Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

  • Who the Cowboys take with the No. 1 overall pick in 2015

  • Going after James Harrison

  • This year’s George Selvie

  • Churning the roster

  • Bringing the blitz

@toddarcher: Man, I thought we in the media were cynical. Are you ready to give up after that winless preseason? I understand the frustration. Is Kenny Hill available? Jameis Winston? Honestly with the state of the defense, I'd go with the best pass rusher available at this point. Southern Cal's Leonard Williams or Nebraska's Randy Gregory will be names to watch, I'm sure, and there will be other guys coming through the ranks. But, come on, have a little faith that they might win six games this year. @toddarcher: The easy answer is never say never, but honestly with Harrison, I would say never. The Cowboys are not looking for older players. They made their moves away from DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher and never really got in on Julius Peppers or Jared Allen. All of those guys are better than Harrison at this point. The Cowboys want young, fast players. That's not Harrison. He's not the guy you remember in Pittsburgh. Here he would be a designated pass rusher probably, and they'll have those guys in Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Lawrence once they get healthy. @toddarcher: Can I stick with the same position and go with Kenneth Boatright? Would Rolando McClain be that kind of guy? The Cowboys aren't even sure George Selvie can be this year's George Selvie. He played great and had seven sacks, but was that his blue-moon season? Does he go back to what he was before joining the Cowboys? I don't know. Nobody knows. I think he's a solid player made better than he is seventh or eighth in a rotation. Here he has to play too much. Boatright might have a chance -- provided he makes the team -- to be a guy who can get after the passer. I'm not sure what he did the other night was a product of playing against bad competition or him playing well. I'm hesitant to put McClain in this group because of his pedigree, but the Cowboys went from not really knowing what he could be to possibly using him a ton. Again, I think part of that reasoning is because of what is around McClain. He looks better, perhaps, than he is, because he is not surrounded by a ton of talent. @toddarcher: I don't think any of the bottom of the roster players should feel comfortable even if they make the initial cut to 53. The Cowboys will look here, there and everywhere for players. They need to. As I wrote this morning, it's a struggle to find 53 players worth keeping right now. Guys like Terrance Mitchell, Jemea Thomas, Ryan Smith, Cam Lawrence, Boatright, Dartwan Bush, they should not go buy a place until after the first week provided they even make the team. Last year the Cowboys added four guys during the first week of the season to the 53. I can see them adding more this year. @toddarcher: They'll have to do something to get pressure on the quarterback because I don't see how they can rely on the front four to get home consistently. But defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has never been a big blitz guy. The blitz exposes so much that the defense can give up the big plays. Plus, I'm not sure the Cowboys have great blitzers. Orlando Scandrick might be their best guy off the slot. But Rolando McClain might have some juice up the middle. Bruce Carter took some pass-rush turns in Oxnard, California.