Bruce Carter will block that kick

IRVING, Texas -- Bruce Carter, designated punt blocker? Perhaps.

The Dallas Cowboys linebacker deflected a Brett Kern punt in the first quarter Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. He had a blocked punt in the preseason against the Miami Dolphins negated because of a mistake by the officials.

“Man, I just try to go as hard as I can really,” Carter said. “I get my assignment but other than that I’m just trying to turn the corner and just trying to get my hand out there and trying to make a play for the team.”

He has the Cowboys’ most recent blocked punt: Dec. 24, 2011, against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I think you’ve just got to really key into the ball and the snap and really get a good jump, almost just like a D-end rushing the tackle and trying to get good timing for the count and the snap of the ball,” Carter said. “Other than that you just try to give a great effort and just try to turn the corner.”

Carter led the nation in blocked kicks as a sophomore at North Carolina with five. He had three in one game against Connecticut.

“I was even shocked I did it myself,” he said.

Wouldn’t you think UConn would have double-teamed him after the second block?

“That’s what I thought but they had the same guy in there at the same time,” Carter said. “I just kept trying to do the same thing I was doing and it worked out.”