Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 2

IRVING, Texas -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready. In it we discuss:

  • Was Thanksgiving a fluke?
  • My prediction was off
  • A new prediction
  • Terrance Williams
  • Whom to re-sign?
If you want to see Part 1, click here. Away we go:

@toddarcher: I wouldn't go that far. That would be taking away credit from the Philadelphia Eagles that day. They simply dominated the Cowboys and I'm not sure a full week would have changed things drastically. It was a bad day at the office for the Cowboys. They struggled just about everywhere but I think a lot of their struggles had to do with what Philadelphia did to them and not just what they did to themselves. I wouldn't call it a fluke. Maybe a hiccup. We'll find out Dec. 14 for the rematch at Lincoln Financial Field.

@toddarcher: Shocking, huh? I was wrong. Yep, I better go to bed without dinner. Among most of the prognosticators, I was among the most optimistic. At least it took me to Week 14 of the season to be wrong. A lot of people were picking five or six wins. I always have a good chuckle when fans point out our incorrect predictions. Let's be honest, it's all a guess. Maybe an educated guess and based off what was seen in training camp and the preseason, I'm not sure anybody had visions of excellence for this season, unless you were on the team, your last name is Jones or you were related to players on this team. Even the most ardent fans thought this season would be a wash if they're being honest.

@toddarcher: You want another prediction from me after I had them going 8-8? OK, here goes: I'll say 11-5. I think a couple of weeks ago I said 10-6, so I'm doing my best to cover all of my bases. I don't feel solid about their rematch against the Eagles, so I'll mark that one down as a loss. I think they win the last two and, yes, I realize Andrew Luck is visiting AT&T Stadium and the Cowboys have been bad at home. I'm not sold on the Colts as a top-flight team. I think they benefit from six games against dreadful competition. And then the Cowboys close out the year with a win at Washington. The question is whether 11 wins will be enough to get them in the playoffs. It might not be. But why listen to my predictions?

@toddarcher: The fact that Terrance Williams was not targeted was a surprise. The Cowboys and Tony Romo express faith in Williams, but he was an afterthought against the Chicago Bears. Some of it was probably the game plan. Romo was getting rid of the ball quickly and Williams' routes generally take longer to develop. He doesn't have the same chances to get passes his way like Dez Bryant. If you look at the game, Jason Witten was getting open down the field too but the ball wasn't going his way. The design was to dump it down quickly, as he's done countless times in his career against Cover 2 defenses. I do think Williams has to do a better job of getting open, but I think the coaches have to do a better job of making sure he is involved.

@toddarcher: Not so much on Morris Claiborne because his money is guaranteed. If the Cowboys want to cut Brandon Carr, it would have to be as a post-June 1 cut if they want to create real salary-cap space. If they do that, then they would gain $8 million in space for 2015 but he would be on the cap in 2016 at a cost of $7.4 million in dead money. To me, that's the way they would go but I've said before they could look for him to take a paycut because they don't have any cornerbacks ready to play at the moment. The Cowboys will be in decent cap shape when they re-work the deals for Tony Romo and Tyron Smith. You mention Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray and Rolando McClain. I think a guy they need to really re-sign is right tackle Doug Free.