Jameill Showers hoping the more he does the better his chances are

"Typically you don't ask a quarterback to do some of the things we've asked him to do, but he's a really athletic guy," coach Jason Garrett said of Jameill Showers. Max Faulkner/TNS via Getty Images

OXNARD, Calif. -- Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Rich Bisaccia made a reference to the snaps of fourth-team quarterback Jameill Showers.

"He makes a joke, 'I'll get you some reps on special teams,'" Showers said. "The next thing two weeks later I'm really on special teams. I don't mind it though."'

In a the-more-you-can-do world that is an NFL training camp, Showers is attempting to make the Cowboys take notice with more than just his arm. As the fourth quarterback behind Tony Romo, Brandon Weeden and Dustin Vaughan, Showers chances of making the Cowboys roster as a quarterback are slim.

So he's getting looks on the punt and kickoff teams.

"You can never get too much work, so anytime I can get anything extra, I'm pretty much game," Showers said.

He hasn't played special teams since high school. He was Ryan Tannehill's backup and then lost out to some guy named Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M. He transferred to UTEP and started 20 games in his final two years of eligibility.

He signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in the spring, like Romo did 13 years ago. Romo, however, wasn't looked at as a special teams' possibility by Bill Parcells.

"Typically you don't ask a quarterback to do some of the things we've asked him to do, but he's a really athletic guy," coach Jason Garrett said. "And he doesn't look like he's out of place at all in some of the special teams stuff we're asking him to do."

Garrett also said Showers has grown as a quarterback, too. But his work is light. He has not taken many team reps and 7-on-7 drills. As the personal protector in punt drills, his angle on the line of scrimmage is similar to a quarterback in the shotgun.

"It's actually a little easier because everybody is in the box and you don't have two guys on the outside to worry about," Showers said. "There's only a few calls that you have and I'm enjoying it."

Garrett referenced former Miami Dolphin Jim Jensen as a college quarterback (Boston University) who made it to the NFL via special teams.

"I think the biggest thing you have to do is you have to keep your eyes open as a coaching staff when you evaluate your personnel," Garrett said, "and constantly look for places where you can put guys to give them opportunity to show what they're all about."

Showers has not heard from wide receivers coach Derek Dooley or running backs coach Gary Brown yet.

"I'm not going to count it out though," Showers said. "That's fine with me. I'm going to do whatever they want me to do."