We can agree: Dez Bryant caught it

The last time Dallas met Green Bay in the playoffs, on Jan. 11, 2015, this catch by Dez Bryant was overturned when he dove for the pylon, hit the ground and lost control of the ball. The Cowboys play host to the Packers on Sunday. Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

With the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys meeting for the eighth time in the playoffs Sunday, ESPN reporters Rob Demovsky and Todd Archer take a look at the pressing questions facing each team going into the divisional round.

Todd Archer: Let’s have some fun here: It was a catch, right? And if you have to ask what I mean -- this week especially -- you have no clue.

Rob Demovsky: I’ll tell you what, I showed it to my 11-year-old son this week, and he thought it was a catch. Although he’s a Bengals fan, so perhaps he wouldn’t know what a catch is. But even an 11-year-old could make this point: "If they called it a catch on the field, I’m not sure how they can overturn it," he said. I can’t say I disagree with him. When NFL referee Walt Coleman was in Green Bay to work training camp this past summer, that subject came up during his Q&A with reporters, and Coleman joked: "There are some teams that still don’t know what a catch is." Clearly he was talking about the Cowboys.

Demovsky: Do you know what a catch is?

Archer: If the league can’t say plainly what is a catch, how can a simpleton like me know? But I’ll go with this true litmus test: If 100 people at a bar think it’s a catch, then it’s a catch. I thought Dez Bryant caught it then. I think he caught it now. I asked Sam Shields at the Pro Bowl two weeks after that game if it was a catch, and he thought it was a catch. It was a technicality, in my view. He caught it. I believe he had it when he was at the top of his jump. He had it when he took two steps. He had it as he attempted to reach out his left arm for the pylon. The ball popped in the air when he landed, but is there 100 percent visual proof it hit the ground? It’s ridiculous two years later there is still this debate across the league and they can’t get it right. Common sense should prevail. Now that we’ve answered this question, I think you might get more heat from Packers fans than me. Good luck with that, buddy.