Dak Prescott is good at not getting thrown off by bad throws

FRISCO, Texas -- A funny thing happens when you mention that Dak Prescott wasn’t as accurate as normal in a Tuesday minicamp practice. For many, it sets off alarms of sophomore slumps.

That’s what happened the other day when it was pointed out Prescott completed 15 of 23 passes in team and seven-on-seven drills. He was intercepted twice. Even some of his completions came on throws that were a little off the mark.

On Wednesday, Prescott was 11-of-19 in team and seven-on-seven drills.

“I want to make every throw, that’s the confidence and belief that I can make every throw,” Prescott said. “Every time I drop back, I think completion, completion. When it’s not that, it’s a little aggravating, but I know I’ve got to move on because another play is coming in five seconds. It’s a whole lot easier in a game than practice. In practice I’m trying to think about getting better and getting better, where in the game it’s just the next play. But that’s why it’s practice. Just always believe I can make the throw.”

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan believes Prescott’s best trait is to quickly put a bad play behind him. That’s not usually the case for younger quarterbacks, but Prescott showed last year he is not the usual young quarterback.

He completed 67.8 percent of his passes and was intercepted just four times in 2016. He had 23 touchdown passes. He ran for six scores as well.

Early on in his time last offseason and into training camp, Prescott was deliberate with his decision-making because it was new to him. Some of his passes were off the mark. But in his first preseason game, against the Los Angeles Rams, he completed 10 of 12 passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns. His two incompletions were on drops.

What matters most is how he performs when the lights come on.

“The practice [Tuesday] wasn’t smooth from an offensive point, but that’s great,” Prescott said. “Those are sometimes the better practices. As you said, it was a grind-it-out practice, but you go through it, fix it up in the film room and get out there [Wednesday] and had a better day.”

The Cowboys finish their offseason today with their final minicamp practice. Next stop is training camp in Oxnard, California, for the first practice on July 24. Prescott’s eyes are on being ready for the Sept. 10 regular-season opener.

He’ll take some time off over the next five weeks before camp, but he will be “keeping my feet firing, keep my arm going throughout this break,” he said.

“I’m excited about where I’m going,” Prescott said. "I’m happy with the position I’m in now, this team, the offense. There’s going to be tough practices. We want to get over them now so we can have great games.”